Look Who is Enjoying a Sneak peek into Virtual Reality

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Virtual reality has seen tremendous enthusiasm and acceptance from technology lovers and gizmo aficionados so far. However, this time its US President Barack Obama who experienced VR while he was in Hannover Germany attending a technology trade show. Obama at the trade show received the opportunity to try out Virtual reality through a headset made by PMD and paired with a Samsung Galaxy S7. The whole gadget also involved a 3D external camera for digital immersion as well as reality alteration.

During Obama’s encounter with the VR he was seen spending a good amount of time peering down at his own hand through the camera while using an app which let him view his individual finders marked by highlighting colors.

The US President is known to be a supporter of Technology and innovation and this particular time he could be seen really enjoying his decent time in the Virtual Reality. The latest technology is known to have applications in some of the most essential spheres of commerce and mankind such as the time when Doctors saved the life of a few months old baby with VR as it helped them to plan out the surgery to his heart using a 3D view of the visceral organ.

Even earlier this year, Obama was seen getting stumped by the advancements in technology at the White House’s Annual Science Fair which shows that the first man has a keen interest in technology. Looks like Obama’s interest in technology has finally found the right match in the form of Virtual reality.




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