Magento: Custom Website design or Theme?

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While many Magento design companies use default “themes” for Magento implementations, we consider ourselves a trailblazer in this aspect. Yes, we know it’s cheaper and quicker to use these pre-built themes.

If you’re still at a loss on the subject topic, Magento “themes” are pre-packaged files that customize the design, layout, and occasionally the functionality of a website.

WordPress explains it better, and we quote, “Each theme differs, and offers numerous choices for store owners to change how their websites look.”

The advantages of default Magento design themes are lovely;

  • Quick to download and install – fast implementation
  • Very cheap, and often free
  • They work automatically on both Magento versions

Now, it can seem like Magento designs, and themes are too good to be true as they are responsive, moderately priced, and often offer general customization in cases of fonts and color.

Also, many websites sell pre-designed, Magento themes. However, this does not mean that the themes you purchase are the best fit for your website. In fact, they are more likely to cost you more in the long term.

There are loads of poor quality Magento designs and themes out there that are poor quality, despite the number of sales.

At Towering Media, we are in the business of designing customized websites that reflect the product range, brand, promotional and marketing activity, customer service, and happiness that a business brings.

This involves precise and creative analysis, planning, execution,  and – most importantly – customization. There is no special technical reason why we don’t employ custom themes; for every project, our Magento design team collaborates with the Magento development team to make sure the final product is the result of seamless integration, rather than a disjointed combination of design and web development that inevitably leads to compromise from both teams.

We don’t want your project to feel forced, which is we pull all the stops to customize your e-commerce website in whatever way you choose. This is one significant advantage that Magento has over other e-commerce platforms.

Themes and Customization

Themes rarely contribute to the customization process, but this can change as your online business evolves and grows. Majority of the themes available on Magento are standard “out-of-the-box” designs and can only be applied to main Magento pages– category page, the home page, checkout page, basket, and account pages.

It would be incredible if these designs worked on additional pages that are featured on your site – like store locators, and catalog requests. A very sensitive area is the customization of the checkout process.

Generally, customization or unique functionality is not factored into consideration when creating a Magento theme, which can include visual needs like sliders, product information, and JavaScript effects or other grouping and product pricing options.

Majority of the Magento websites we deploy contain between 5- 10 extensions/party modules.

Themes and the development process

When we embark on a project, our custom designs are sent to our team of trained, certified Magento design developers with all of the layouts, imagery, and CSS styles required to create the front-end code, and to provide a display reference for the web development process.

As your website grows, you will be assessing the performance of the store to optimize conversion by studying customer pattern through customer surveys, analytic tools, it usability studies. Usually, this will cause constant minor changes in your site architecture.

Hiring a competent Magento design company with the resources to adequately support your business architecture and create a beautifully designed e-commerce store will grant you the peace of mind you need, knowing that your Magento implementations cover all current and possible future changes.

Towering Media guarantees unique Magento designs for your e-commerce store and product pages, with a certified team of Magento design developers ever ready to discuss your Magento implementations at any given time.




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