Medical Students to Drop Heavy Books and Adopt VR Human Anatomy

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In collaboration with the University of Zurich, Vedavi a medical animation studio has worked to develop a pioneering way for medical students to drop heavy books, plastic models and to pick up VR touch controllers to study the Human Anatomy using Virtual Reality with an application compatible with Oculus rift.

Moritz Schwyzer, a recent Post-graduate from the University of Zurich in medicine and the managing director of Vedavi came up with this revolutionary idea to transform the traditional studying methodologies with VR Human Anatomy.

The software touts to provide the students with an extra ordinary way to learn the Human Anatomy eliminating the stereotypical complexity of the subject by literally allowing the students to pick up different parts of the body and be able to inspect it from various angles manipulating the parts I Virtual reality simply by using the hand controllers.

The added advantage of the futuristic module is that unlike plastic models it encourages real-time interaction eliminating the hassle of putting back together the parts examined. Also, the Virtual Reality Human Anatomy software ensures detailed labels for each every part. For instance, studying the human brain in VR showed more than six separable parts with numerous detailed labels.

The VR Human Anatomy model is currently in the preliminary testing phase at the University of Zurich’s faculty of anatomy letting students experience it to provide direct feedbacks to the studio. Considering which, the model is likely to inculcate a feature depicting the interaction between the muscles and the skeletal structure of the body. Thus, VR is keeping its promise to prove to be useful in every sphere.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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