Microsoft, Sony To Launch Promising Consoles Soon!

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In today’s times the gaming companies are launching their gaming consoles once or twice in two years instead of once in six years. Virtual Reality Gaming Companies have to move hand in hand with the changing technology to provide the latest gaming consoles to the enthusiasts.

Microsoft Corporation has divulged the biggest news on Virtual Reality at an annual E3 conference in Los Angeles that they creating a new gaming console, and going to call it as “Project Scorpio”. They said that they are making “a powerful gaming console” and also that it will be much slimmer than the earlier version of Xbox One.  It is expected to be launched in 2017 holiday’s period. Phil Spencer who is the head of Xbox said that it will be powerful because the virtual experience is combined with 4K resolution gaming.

Sony has also recently disclosed that they are also making a much more powerful PlayStation 4 which they have named NEO that will have better graphics and resolution in 4K HD screen.

Nintendo co. is also working hard on its new project named NX which is due in 2017, but didn’t disclosed any detail about its specifications.

All the companies are working hard to provide the gamer enthusiasts the best possible graphics, resolution and high-end performance devices that are compatible to work with augmented reality and Virtual Reality technologies.

Investors have invested $1.7 billion in AR and VR over the period of 12 months with a vision of AR, VR 2020 in which it is projected to generate revenue of $90 billion and VR to reach $30 billion.

Microsoft maintains silence on the storage capacity but did said that Xbox one S which will be 40% smaller in size and 2 terabyte space will come with a heavy price tag and i.e. $399 and if you wish to buy 1 terabyte version, it will cost $349 and $299 for 500 gigabyte version.

All the upcoming products from Microsoft will come in white and will also feature 4K resolution. Soon Microsoft will be launching various high end games for its fans and different type of platform mobile users. We are looking forward to Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo gaming products as they are about to launch some promising gaming devices for avid gamer.




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