Microsoft To Bring Webvr For Edge, As Windows 10’s Default Browser

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Microsoft has recently announced plans to give support for WebVR to Edge which will eventually going to succeed Internet Explorer as their default web browser in Windows 10.

WebVR, which is currently working as a draft web specification in the development phase by Mozilla, Google, and others which aims and allows the seamless hosting and viewing of Virtual Reality content coming directly from the web. Microsoft is fully committed to implement the specification into the Edge as the company has recently announced on their official blog too. Edge will join other browsers which are working to make WebVR as a default part of their amazing feature set.

Sketchfab already supports WebVR which allows the user to view scenes inside your Virtual Reality headset and that too with just a click of a button.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has been given a bad reputation in respect to its performance and web standards. It has been given rank 3 after Firefox and chrome on the basis of performance and innovation.

Edge will work as a Microsoft’s Internet Explorer reboot, and will also appear to be focusing more on correcting its issues and criticisms given in the past and will improve support, simplicity, and performance. Apple’s Safari browser is currently the only major browser who is not known to have WebVR support.  Edge is a browser that runs on the Xbox One. Let us see how far this will go far with the current viewing of internet in Virtual Reality.




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