MYOB Uses VR To Give An Immersive Experience To The New Recruits

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MYOB, short for Mind Your Own Business is multi- National Corporation in Australia which provides Taxes and other accounting services to the small scale industries. The company has now started a trend of giving an immersive experience to the new recruits through Virtual Reality that takes them on a small tour of their office which also includes a boardroom meeting. The company has decided to walk hand in hand with latest technology which is now trending in 2016. And the interesting thing is that they didn’t even step a foot inside the office.

Alla Keogh, head of MYOB said that they have to recruit around 300 people a year and this technology let them create a long lasting impression which also seems logical that the technology driven company should use such tools in many different process. She further says that, it reduces stress and makes the process more productive and gives more job knowledge to the job seekers. This method has also proved to be more economical.  They believe that the more they can do to make their staff engaged in the company, they are more likely to stay in their and by using VR technology, the new-comers got a high-tech experience and captures the culture and essence of the company which makes it engaging. The world’s top companies do try to bring on new staff by connecting and building relationships and that what those VR headsets did for MYOB.

MYOB has also recently won an award for talent development from Australian Human Resources Institute. We all know that Talent attraction and retention is becoming hard for companies as 84 per cent of Australian office workers were happy in their current job. Unhappy workers are more likely to pursue another job, which increases the company’s turnover which eventually brings additional costs that was spent in terms of sourcing and replacement. Interaction of the new recruits with the office and its environment through the latest technology, i.e. Virtual Reality has open new door and made a new way for the recruiters to retain their employees in the company.




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