NASA Uses Virtual Reality to Experience Mars like Never Before

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Traveling to Mars may not become a reality for the regular folks anytime soon and to resolve the critical curiosity issue NASA decided to bring the red planet Mars to life using the wonderful new technology Virtual Reality. An accurate form of Mars in VR will let the common folks experience what life on the red planet would be like without having to travel in outer space.

NASA in collaboration with Fusion which is a Disney owned multi-platform media company producing Virtual Reality experiences. Mars 2030 a simulated outer space experience has been created by US space agency in conjunction with Fusion and MIT’s Space Systems Laboratories.

The amazing experience can be used more than just a medium of entertainment as it can be used for training potential astronauts and mission planners getting them to prepare for a real-life mission to mars.

Mars 2030 is a part of an ongoing process to generate public interest in a real manned mission to Mars; it integrates with all the research analysis performed by NASA and MIT Aeronautics. Not only this, the Mars 2030 experience will also allow users to explore the interiors of a prototype proposed by the NASA Scientists.

Beyond the training and enriching media experiences VR provides a compelling method to bring the work done by NASA to design sustainable human missions with the regular folks to inspire the young and innovative minds for next-gen and upcoming technologies.




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