Nascar Star Varooms His Car into BAJA BLAST VR Tunnel

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Imagine yourself racing with a Nascar star, Rooaaarrr… accelerating, going wild with your power backed steering. You encountered two dark tunnels and you accelerated into tunnel one and he accelerated into another like Varoom. Your tunnel led you to ‘Black Pitch’ whose ambience is quite similar to the surroundings in Blade Runner. You are witnessing visuals like dark with colorful spotlights following your car and the Nascar Star encountered something very different like in the ambience of ‘Baja Blast’ where he witnessed Blue blast all around, smelling into a lime flavored perfumed air.

Don’t imagine, see and feel yourself in the latest advertisement of PepsiCo’s brand Mountain Dew that was released in May. The Tunnels were symbolic for the flavor they choose from the shelf of the grocery store for you. PepsiCo recently launched two flavors i.e. Blade Runner and Baja Blast.

VR technology is a new trend to be followed now and PepsiCo, Volvo, Disney and other companies are also trying to accessorize their company with this latest trend of commercials in VR. As a drink and snacks company, VR doesn’t seems like an obvious choice to experiment with. But, PepsiCo says that Mountain dew is closely related to Sports and activities so, VR is a perfect platform to give a VR soaked experience to the viewers. One just needs a perfect story to narrate in VR. Sadira Furlow who is a senior marketing director at Mountain Dew says that Technology should not be used for the technology purpose only.

Deloitte, PepsiCo consultants has confirmed that only 2.5 millions VR headsets are sold in the entire world. And this could be a hurdle for PepsiCo as there will be very less viewers who would be able to understand their entire hard work they had put into this advertisement. Very few Viewers would get to feel the ambience, the smell and the arena of the places shown. And the repercussions of this would be that the PepsiCo has to make those VR advertisements compatible to other platforms too like with YouTube’s 360 or normal viewing.

And this could be fun to watch a Nascar star traveling through the Baja Blast and even to smell that lemon flavored perfumed air for the VR enthusiasts and can now be able to watch the advertisements of their favorite brands in VR.




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