NERVE- DO YOU DARE: New Daring VR App By Lionsgate & SilVR Thread

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Every individual wishes to be a stuntman once in his or her life and this unrealistic dream or wish is now being granted by Virtual Reality. Lionsgate and SilVR Thread Partner recently joined hands to provide a firsthand experience to the users by developing an application called as “NERVE – Do You Dare” which was launched yesterday. The application is based on the movie NERVE. The movie, starring Emma Roberts, revolves around a dare game for social media addicts which is divided into watchers and players. She was living a life of a sidelined character that has signed up for just one dare which she found out that the dare was harmless. Then, she further goes deeper and deeper in the game which ultimately leads to the sinister turns in the adrenaline-fueled competition in which she is paired up with a complete stranger. There are some stunt scenes in the movie like one includes an insane crossing of a ladder between the two buildings just above a dozen of floors in the New York city streets, the other one include  surviving  a very high-speed skateboard ride which get hitched to a police car.

These stunt scenes are shot and stitched together in order to give an impressive and firsthand experience to the user. Lionsgate and SilVR Thread Partner’s application is out in the market and is available at Oculus store, Android Marketplace and Apple Store, to enjoy it on your Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard. This application is even compatible with Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. It provides 360 stereoscopic views to the user.

The trend of using Virtual Reality has started its course, since Ghostbusters: Dimension in the Hollywood. Using virtual reality in the movie industry will be revolutionary as it changes the entire perspective of a human being. It gives a new dimension to the user to view and have an immersive first hand experience of the real time familiarity in the Virtual Arena.




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