Netflix Adds The Virtual Reality Twist To ‘Stranger Things’

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You probably have been missing out the coolest stuff on Netflix if you haven’t yet tuned in to watch Stranger Things. The mysterious series left the audience awe-struck with its eight part series that everyone so enticingly binge watched. Good news for those who wanted more of that toxic stuff as Netflix has added a final new twist to Stranger Things releasing the 80’s culture show in Virtual Reality, Well some parts of it!

We all know how Netflix has been experimenting with VR and 360 videos in course of which the company even released an application that created a dedicated screen within the VR environment to watch shows on however, after this Netflix has come to creating an exclusive Netflix Zone which showcases all the premium feature videos and shows in VR where users can shuffle through their favorite shows and watch them in VR on their choice of device.

Netflix is now working to expand its obsession with VR by recreating a small section of your favorite show- Stranger Things in VR which is regarded to be the first time that Netflix has exclusively created and will be distributing its own VR content. Viewers can view the show in VR via Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR.

Whether Netflix has done it before or not it has certainly outdone itself in recreating the most brilliant series in VR which is sure to bring some thrill into your life seeing the monsters come out in life in Virtual Reality. We can’t wait to view this beauty in VR now, can we?





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