New-Gen Virtual Reality Prototype Lets You Customize Your Own Weapons

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HTC Vive has come up with yet another exciting and enticing feature in a Virtual Reality game that lets you design and customize your weapons for the VR experience from scratch which means that the players will now have the power to imagine, conceive, design and create their own choice of objects in VR with the help HTC’s majestic hand controllers.

The game Draw your Own Blade, is exceptionally easy and innate letting the user build its own sword with the use of a keyboard and a mouse in VR. All you need to do is draw a shape using the HTC Vive hand controllers in 3D virtual space in the VR environment and turn the shape into a graphical 3D model of a sword which you can use in the physical VR world, move around and plunge into something.

The game offers substantial freedom to the users, an essential component to make VR not just an interesting but an out of the box realistic experience. The game works similar to a previously launched app named Tiltbrush by Google that also offered the freedom to paint around in 3D virtual space.

The game is although, currently in the prototype phase, yet it offers magnificent potential for creative minds and ideas to flow not just for constructing weapons out of thin air but also encouraging innovations that can transform future.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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