New VR Experiment Creates Worlds Analyzing Heart Rate & Breathing

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A new Virtual Experiment by STRATA taps into your basic biometrics such as the breathing, heart rate, etc. to produce some of the most beautiful Virtual Worlds that you can imagine.

A popular and best example of the experiment is No Man’s Sky which is currently one of the highly rated VR games that uses the experiment to introduce procedurally generated VR worlds which implies that no two similar environments can be encountered by an individual. The technology works on a competitive series of algorithms and specialized systems defined by programmers.

Furthermore, the developers at the Mill which is working in collaboration with STRATA, have come up with this new prospect that utilizes and responds to your neurological and physiological data to generate a procedural set of audios and visuals thus, creating potentially unique VR experiences for every individual stepping into the VR world.

The information about the person’s biometrics is gathered using specialized and highly advanced biometric sensors which are placed on VR headsets worn by viewers. These special sensors gather data such as brainwave activity (EEG), Stress Levels (GSR), heart rate and breathing through a conductive band which has been also created by the Mill.  The data that is collected is fed into an app running on the HMD that generates the audios and visuals based n the data processed by the application.

This is by far one of the most interesting concepts used in VR representing radical imagining for VR apps and employing biometrics as the control scheme resulting in a big step forward into responsive yet immersive VR experiences. After reading all about this new technology, we just can’t wait to experience it with No Man’s Sky.




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