Now Get Immersed In ZERO Gravity With NASA’S ‘Mission: ISS’

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NASA and Oculus Rift have collectively launched a project, which they named it as ‘Mission: ISS’ for Oculus Rift for Free. The Project is here to give you an experience of space in detail so as to offer a great Space Experience. It is being launched so that, people get to experience the Space World in Virtual Reality that otherwise, cannot be experienced by a common person.

In this project virtual reality’s immersive power is being used to give you an experience in real life that most of us can never think of getting one. It is expected to be more effective than in the real space travel region. Virtual Reality can provide us the immersive experience of the life of the brave astronauts who are brave enough to travel beyond the real life oxygen and gravitational driven planet! Mission: ISS is the latest Virtual Reality collaborated experience so as to convey the emotions, feelings, of being an astronaut. All thanks to Oculus Rift and NASA who recreated a life on-board the International Space Station (ISS) which is situated way above the Earth’s atmosphere.

Mission: ISS is the new experience that is exclusively built for the Oculus Rift and the Touch motion controllers that makes the optimum use of space station models directly from the NASA themselves. Mission: ISS is made as a Sci-fi action extravaganza. It is because the most outrageous tasks will be given to the user in order to fulfill your space quest on your en-route to the virtual extra-terrestrial mission which is taking cargo capsules along with the station maintenance.

‘Magnopus’ are the main developers behind the collaborated project of Mission: ISS. It is now available now on Oculus Home for the Rift and Touch for free. A great development has taken place, after the debut of Virtual Reality in Hollywood.




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