Now Make INVASION, An Animated VR Movie With Baobab Studios

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Who doesn’t like bunnies? Invasion is a Virtual reality movie about bunnies and two adorable aliens. When you just put your headset on and start looking, those two adorable aliens will be standing in front of you and waiting to zap you into oblivion. Well, the most interesting thing to note here is that the conscious part of mind does know that it is not real. Now that is the immersive power of Virtual Reality.  Now, let us travel in the world of Invasion which is an animated Virtual Reality film being directed by Baobab Studios founded by Eric Darnell, who also directed the blockbusters like Antz and Madagascar. Eric Darnell is very moved and passionate about Virtual Reality which is now used as a storytelling mode.

The first major thing Eric Darnell always encounters is the way to tell a story in an interesting manner for the viewer’s who will also be the part of the story. He told the sources while discussing about the making of the film. When the video starts, the bunny who is a protagonist appears in the front and spots you then comes very near to you to stare you in your eyes.

Everyone wants to about the making of this Virtual Reality immersed movie. There are certain essential DO’s for making a VR Immersed Film. If we talk about the Live Action in Virtual Reality the, it is filmed by 360 degree camera Array. Well, this can be achieved by using multiple cameras. And Darnell further shares with the sources that Baobab team uses a camera which is imaginary in nature that films everything at that particular moment only and no stitching is required.  They further surprised us with the fact that the whole world can be created in every single frame. It is up to the viewer who only needs to see through their point of view so that it loaded in their headset.

Darnell did some interactive things to help the viewer know as to where they should be looking. There is spatialized audio which is being used that helps to direct the viewer’s attention and also provided visual cues which played an important role too. For example, Bunny after spotting you and making an eye contact looks off the screen which further prompts the user to turn and look at what actually bunny is seeing.




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