Now visit Yosemite National Park with Barak Obama through VR

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America’s national parks service has will now be celebrating their 100th anniversary and to make this great occasion they want to make it special by organizing a virtual reality trip video named as ‘Through the Ages’ in which they are in Yosemite National Park which will be narrated by President Barack Obama.

It is roughly a 10-minute video which is shot by virtual reality filmmakers Felix & Paul collaborated with the White House, Oculus, and the National Geographic. The video was already made earlier in this summer, when the Obama along with his whole family actually visited Yosemite National Park. Now it is made compatible for on Gear VR and Facebook’s 360-degree video platform, where you can now watch that video without a headset. It is made available for the compatible platforms and its Oculus Rift version is also on its way.

 The video is followed by a simpler Google Expeditions educational tour of the White House itself in a form of 360 degree video which is being narrated by first lady Michelle Obama. The attractive prospects for VR filmmakers are remote natural landscapes and mundane things like grass, water in form of videos like time-lapse videos, 3D, and 360 degree videos. The main purpose behind this is that it is a plea to preserve all the national parks system which was shot over a course of just 6 days.

It is true that Virtual Reality has made Field Trips possible with its Google Expedition App and now using this technology in this video for us.





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