Now You Can Make Your Videos, Interactive As Told By MIT

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Videos are regarded as a great medium for audio-visual experiences and also for interaction with the characters and objects in a fantasy world. By keeping this thought in mind, researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has recently developed a new technique for imaging. It will have the potential to improve augmented and Virtual Reality dramatically. They have named the technique as “Interactive Dynamic Video” (IDV).

The main feature of the technique is that it allows the real world objects to be manipulated virtually on a digital interface. This new innovation will have a wide range of applications ranging from engineering to entertainment, especially in producing special effects, to develop a perfect and amazing AR/VR environment.

IDV will create video simulations of the real physical world in which users can now interact by using cameras along with motion-tracking algorithms that will analyze those tiny and near-invisible vibrations emitted by an object. It is very appropriate for low budget filmmakers as they could trade complex computer graphics for IDV who couldn’t enter main stream where Virtual Reality has actually hugged the Hollywood.  Everything has been enclosed with the video which is attached to this blog.





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