Nyko VR Guardian Review: Alert and monitoring system for VR

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The year 2k16 has seen a lot of Virtual Reality technology and gadgets especially at the recently  held E3 Event which showcased some of the most brilliant pieces of technology in Virtual Reality. One of those astounding technologies was Nyko’s VR Guardian tech which deals in keeping the viewers safe in the real world physical entities while being immersed in VR.

Have you ever wondered what if you hit the wall while in VR? Well, keeping the same concern in mind Nyko has developed an exclusive guardian technology that monitors and guides the users exploring the virtual world.

The Guardian tech is the most recent and useful piece of VR accessory that alerts the users about the physical world boundaries in restrictions in space. The gadget is a combination of sensors which are placed on the floor and wristbands that are worn by the active VR users. The twin gadgets interact with each other to create an imaginary boundary. As soon as the player wearing the wristband approaches the sensors placed on the floor the bands begin to vibrate stimulating a reaction from the user to safeguard from the nearby physical restriction.

The sensors on both the gadgets are connected via a strong Bluetooth connection which provides accurate information with the least latency to ensure maximum safety of the user sin VR. The wristbands work wondrously to alert the users of the boundaries as well as of any person that walked past or through the VR game zone to avoid any mishaps.

The gadget is extremely applicable and plausible where small and cluttered room space is available for VR experiences or for experiences that involve kids. The gadget is marked to start shipping in the fall of 2016 for an unbelievably affordable and reasonable price of $99.99. With such amazing technology available VR live and room scale gaming is sure to be a safe yet thrilling experience in the very near future.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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