Oculus Is Taking Care of Aspiring VR Artists

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Oculus is being seen as favouring the ‘artist’s zone’ a lot lately. At first the company created the sculpting tools which they called as ‘Medium’ for artists and now they have undertaken a new project which they named it as QUILL. Quill is the company’s new Virtual Reality paint application. The company has made available for free with every purchase of Touch. Quill is regarded as an artistic creation tool in a form of an application which is exclusively designed for virtual reality and also for motion controllers. The recently launched Touch motion controllers also gave a new path to the two major creative tools by Oculus and these are Medium and Quill. While Medium is more of a sculpting tool whereas, Quill is quite similar to what Google is presenting in Tilt Brush.

Oculus has also created a beginner’s guide for the app on their YouTube Channel along with the release of Quill beta format. They have added various features like drawing brush strokes on the user’s Virtual Reality canvas and the application’s interface is much simpler in every possible terms.

The company has launched four video which covers topics like sketching and deleting strokes, Moving and scaling in and around the virtual space. It makes the use of customized brushes and also provides an option of customization. According to the company’s blog, the team is planning to release more videos as they may want to deploy more features and also some improvements. Let us see what the sculpting tool ‘Medium’ and this new painting app ‘Quill’ will bring for the budding artists.





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