Oculus is Working Hard to find a Way out to Feel things in VR

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Virtual Reality being the hottest new technology and an inevitable part of the future of Gaming and New age Media is now moving forward on the path of innovation with many pioneering names in Technology working to develop a way to allow users to feel the experience more deeply while exploring the world of Virtual Reality.

Oculus the creator of the first to be introduced and the leading VR headset Oculus Rift along with its parent Company Facebook is now working to integrate a specialized technology into the VR systems which shall allow the users to feel the things in the Virtual world.

Hapticwave, as named by the parent Companies, is a technology specially designed to stimulate sensations to enhance specific feelings in VR. It is an integrated in a circular metallic plate on top of a spherical electromagnetic ring lined with actuators. A user is subjected to the feelings by encouraging touch to the metallic plate through hands which then sends up vibrations through the surface of the plate. The actuators present on the plate create waves from various directions to the exact locations while the accelerometers sense the motion of the hand preparing the forthcoming set of vibrations.

In a recent demo that was conducted to test the currently nascent technology, users could feel or at least perceive the vibrations generating from a ball bouncing against the virtual floors. However, the sensations are limited to the hands letting the users feel diverse sensations for every action at the base of their palm or the entire hand. For now, the future of Hapticwave coexists with the future of Oculus Rift.




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