ODG hoists $58 Million Series ‘A’ Investment for AR Glasses

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Osterhout Design Group or ODG which is a San Francisco based group today announced that they have raised a great amount of $58 million of the Series ‘A’ investment so as to accelerate the overall production of the smart glass products that will be focused on AR technology. The company had already done work on many Virtual Reality headsets and now it is working on AR applications which are not as immersive as VR platform, but they are aspiring to make AR smart glass product line.

The $58 million Series A investment will give speed up the production and R&D process, along with patents expands. They will also pay for new hired employees. ODG has clearly focused on many custom enterprise solutions all up to this very point. AR smart glasses will be the new mobile device which will be WiFi enabled for everyone to carry these with them, this is all the company believes.

ODG plans to unveil their latest product and they’ve offered at CES 2017, next month. Though it is not yet clear that the glasses being made will either focus on consumer format or for the company format. This major raise is sure to attract a major boost in the overall capacity. There are many ventures of $73 million like Meta and some major like HoloLens and ODC will have face-off against the likes of AR headsets.





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