PlayStation takes the mass-market appeal to the another level of VR

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Sony’s PlayStation Virtual Reality headsets has taken the mass-market to the another level of virtual reality. Though the headset is not a cool looking thing, but it is definitely lighter and more eye-catching than its competitors like Oculus Rift and the HTC VIVE. Though the PlayStation VR is priced at $400 which is not cheap, but we can say that it is less expensive than its competitors.  PlayStation VR doesn’t require any high-end computer if you already own a PlayStation 4.

The Oculus and the Vive require a lot of time to set up are they have to clear space for the play, moreover a person has to make sure that all the sensors are there in the room only in fact at the right spot. And the best thing about PlayStation VR was that it just took not more than 15 minutes to unbox it and after that we just have to plug in the right cables, and set the camera on the top of my television.

Well, it is truly said and aptly fits on this new VR headset that by adding a little design feature on the headset goes a long way. It is a lot easier to play while you are wearing glasses. You easily adjust the focus. Of all the headsets, PlayStation VR was the easiest one to wear on for the longer period of time.  It doesn’t make any markings on the face, even if you have worn it for much longer periods. The best thing about the Sony’s VR headset is that it didn’t have motion sickness problems.  In spite of all the comfortable features in Sony’s VR Headset, HTC’s VIVE still stands strong, though, Sony has tried its best and PlayStation VR is quite close to HTC VIVE.




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