Pokémon Go Update Gives Up Key Features Ruining It For Everyone

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The latest Pokémon GO update is here on both platforms viz. Android and iOS and while the players have been bustling about the recent updated features there is also news that the makers of the game have dropped some significant features ruining the experience to some extent.

Ever since the launch of the Pokémon hunting game in July fans have been going gaga over the next possibilities expected from the latest iteration. Coming to the Good news, the latest update of the game has introduced customizing abilities that allows you to re-customize your main character while also allowing you to rebalance some Pokémon move sets. The second good feature that has been introduced is the ability to lock your favorite Pokémon so as to avoid any unintentional transfers.

However, what remains to be told about the update is the bad news and it deals with the, Yes! The “three-footstep bug” which was believed to be useless and plaguing the whole experience as it did not indicate the exact distance between you and a specific Pokémon. Thus, now as a clever move maybe, Niantic has done away with the three-footstep feature altogether which means that now you shall have to a look for Pokémon everywhere as there will be no one-two or three step indicator to depict how close or far one is from a Pokémon.

Apart from this there is other vital information that needs to be told such as that the players can no longer select a specific Pokémon on the nearby screen which also subsequently kills the Compass tracking feature. Also, the order in which the Pokémon were displayed on the grid will no longer matter plus the scan radius has also been diminished from a 100 meters to 70 meters. However, one more advantageous feature could be the significant increase in the range of up to 300 meters at which you can catch a Pokémon once they have managed to spawn.

Well, the craze and love for Pokémon hunting and Pokémon Go does not seem to cease or boil down which is why we can only hope that the tracking feature returns as it was the most vibrant and amazing feature in the game. Too bad if you didn’t get to experience it!




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