‘Power Claw’, Soon To Be Revolutionary In Virtual Reality

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At the business center of Gamescom 2016, Power Claw was shown off by a Mexican startup. It is an integrated series of tiny motors and a thermo-electric cell being poured into a glove that lets the user to feel various temperatures through the spasmatic hardware that one find in a regular smart phone.

An interaction of a glove working with the Oculus Rift DK2 is amazing and depends entirely on the frequency and duration on the buzzing of motors which is surprisingly convincing. PowerClaw has put your feet up on the backs of optical hand tracking devices like Leap Motion.

The gloves and linked through a thick cable which is leading to a single 3D printed breakout box which provides the voltage to run the glove’s interactions. It comes with a single USB connection winded back to the computer.

Project creator Alyed Tzompa after trying the gloves found his hands in a good shape.  PowerClaw is currently costing around at $595 and is slated for delivery in February 2017.




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