‘Razer’ Needs to Smooth Over Missed Chances in VR Platform

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There is a very famous Chinese proverb which says, ‘Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still’. A gaming device provider ‘Razer’ proves the above saying by releasing new Virtual Reality (VR) – products next month which were developed with the collaboration with its Chinese partners in China. It is confirmed by Chief Executive of the company, Min Liang Tan. Mouses, keyboards, high performance laptops and a VR platform are designed by a California –based company and named it as “open source virtual reality” or OSVR. Tan revealed in an interview with South China Post that they are planning to make OSVR as a de-facto platform of VR in China.

OSVR is said to be a set of hardware and software designs developed by Razer and its partners and they will launch their VR products next month at China Joy expo, so as to make more incredible experience for the user. Well, Tan didn’t disclose any information regarding its price or specifications but, they are selling OSVR goggles for $300 in US.

According to Tan, China and Asia are the biggest triggers for the growth as it is expected that VR devices will exceed by 1.4 million users this year. They got this number from Chinese Research Company and the vision for Virtual Reality2020 is that the number of users will reach to 25million.
Razer is also encouraging domestic companies by forming partnership with them. Razer did received $75 million investment from Hangzhou Lianluo, an Interactive Information Technology this February and has raised its valuation to 1.5 billion.

According to Lianluo, their investment will be utilized to fund Razer’s VR project and it will help to develop more Internet Of Things (IOT). Tan further said that$75 million will be a part of firm’s C series funding and new investment will fund mobile products and VR content platform that will be developed on OSVR platform. Razer will face problems as it has missed the opportunity as many companies have already launched their own VR products and services as confirmed by Neo Zheng, an analyst from research firm IDC.

Chinese communications Giant and Rising consumer product company Huawei and LeEco released its own VR headset in April. Sony is also about to launch its own VR headset compatible with PlayStation gaming console in October, though Sony have alerted its customers with its high price and lack in content. And let us hope that Razer launches its VR gaming console soon!




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