Review Of “Fulldive” A VR application

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Fulldive which is founded by Ed and Yosen is the virtual reality navigation platform that allows the user to browse and view all new generation of media for example, watching 3D and 360 pictures and videos and can also browse the internet from a completely new angle like never before. It is an app that works with a VR viewer such as Google’s cardboard. Fulldive team is zealous about making Vitual Reality really accessible to everyone irrespective of the country and upbringing.

In the coming times, the user will have access to Netflix, Hulu, and Roku through Fulldive Stream. The user can watch a movie from a hub of movies present in the space and the best part in Virtual Reality format.  It is compatible with all Virtual Reality applications and also on many Virtual Reality devices such as Google Cardboard, Samsung gear VR, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift.

It has many Features like it tends to provide all possible YouTube videos in Virtual Reality immersive experience. Secondly, on VR Video Player be it 2D/3D Player, one can play all videos in a movie theatre format on your phone. You can browse the internet in a Virtual Reality mode that is that you can buy products in an immersive manner. You can further store and access the pictures and Videos in Virtual Reality. It allows you to access your applications in an immersive manner.

There are many applications that allow browsing in Virtual Reality mode. Let us see that how revolutionary Fulldive can be in the coming future.





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