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Virtual reality has touched us in 2016 through headsets, applications and now it is touching our lives through attachable smartphone cameras for those who love technology, photography or just love taking a lot of selfies. The new Insta360 device is welcoming selfies and love for photography in an immersive experience and it is being called as ‘surroundie’ in Virtual Reality and is ready to take over ‘selfie’. It is currently available for iPhone only and offers the ability to record and share experiences to the social networking sites. This high quality camera links to 210 degree fisheye lens which is able to shoot and stitch panorama pictures. You can shoot videos at 3K at 30fps and take pictures at 3,040X1520.

As for now insta360 is only compatible with iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus and other apple devices using an Apple Lightning cable. It is more important to know, how to use insta360? Well, you just plug the device into your iPhone and turn it upside down to shoot a 360 degree video and usually lasts for about 70 minutes. It has an internal memory of 800mAh and also supports MicroSD card up to 64 GB.

The design of this device is though very simple, but a bit bulky too. It is small in size which comes in various colors so as to match your iPhone. You have to be very careful with this product as if you accidently drop this product while shooting video or taking pictures then you are left with a broken iPhone and a $200 camera attachment. Well, there is some good news too about this device as you can independently shoot videos and photos with this device but, you cannot see what is actually being shot. It is very similar to Go PRO with which you can record your hiking experience with this 360 degree view until its battery runs out.

Overall the product and application is not that user friendly as it has shown some serious issues like sharing problem with the social networking sites and beyond that issue, there are regular prompts or texts in Chinese. Well, the company needs to spend more time on the device in order to dismay the annoyances to improve the user’s experience. Overall, it is really a nice device to click and shoot 360 photos and videos respectively.





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