Samsung Gear 360 Review: A Superbly Easy to Handle VR Camera

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Samsung Gear 360 has been released recently for recording 360 degree videos and taking high resolution panoramic pictures. The VR camera is small like a golf ball and looks somewhat like the Logitech Webcam however, this small camera is the most cutting-edge VR camera suitable for consumers.

The camera lets you create your own virtual world with its dual fish eye lenses simultaneously recording videos and then stitching them together into a 360 degree video. It also captures 30MP still photos at the press of a button.

The design and make of the camera is not only simple and sophisticated but it is also super efficient as it is lightweight, weighs 153 grams with the batteries and is perfect for recording footage on the go. The camera measures 66.7 x 56.2 x 60 mm which makes the camera slightly smaller than a baseball. The camera comes with a portable tripod which can also be replaced by a full sized tripod stand. Also, the camera comes with a record button situated right on top to record directly from the device. It also supports a slot for micro SD card and a micro USB port.

The camera is loaded with features and specifications such as it uses two 15MP cameras recording 360 video at a resolution of 3840×1920 and taking 30MP pictures at a resolution of 7776 x 3888. However, the camera is not yet ready to shoot videos under water as it is not fully waterproof. The battery is efficient with 1350 mAH with a DRIMe5s image processor, 1GB of RAM and sensors such as accelerometer and gyroscope.

Samsung Gear 360 is a brilliant palm able VR camera which for now is the best consideration for consumers who wish to explore VR from different angles.




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