Samsung Gear VR Review: No Better Way to Start with Virtual Reality

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Samsung’s Gear VR is not exactly a new tech gadget in town. We’ve all heard of it and wished to get our hands on it but sadly Gear VR then, wasn’t exactly ready for the consumer section of the market and was so made available only to a few lucky early adopters at quite a hefty price of $200. The early version of Gear VR was especially made for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 however, the latest Gear VR is successfully compatible with latest Samsung flagship models such as Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ at a reasonable price of $99.

Samsung Gear VR is a highly accomplished gadget and provides one of the best Virtual reality experiences in the industry today. The latest consumer ready Gear VR is not only lightweight but comes exploded with a wide variety of excellent quality virtual reality content. The new iteration of Samsung’s Gear VR is not only 19% more lightweight but is also less cumbersome and comes with dual secure head straps which fasten the gear to your head like a pair of skiing goggles. The strap over the head is optional but is advised for a better and more secure fit.

Samsung’s Gear VR has more than one exciting features to offer such as you can keep your prescription glasses on while viewing through Gear VR, but not to let that hinder a great imersive experience, Samsung’s Gear VR also provides you with a hatchet on top to adjust the focal length of the lens.

The headset is not a standalone VR gadget but works with you phone to view the VR content for an excellent experience in Virtual Reality. One can say that Samsung Gear VR is more of a fancier version of Google Cardboard that comes with more adanced features such as gyroscope, accelerometer and motion sensors.

The headset ensures easy and secure mounting of the phone within the provided socket space with a toggle that can be slided to the left or the right to accommodate different sizes. There is also a volume rocker at the front and an exit button at the right for more accessibility. Although headphones are included but for a completely immersive experience make sure to pair it with a set of headphones.

Thus, with all the brilliant specs of Samsung’s phones and Gear VR, it is a o brainer that every Samsung Phone owner must get a Gear VR to experience the best of virtual Reality for starters.




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