Samsung Ready to Bring VR Movies to Theatres

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Samsung the Korean company to launch the very first Virtual Reality headgear in November last year has amazed the world once again after it announced to open a Virtual Reality studio in New York exclusively to show VR movies for an improved immersive experience at the Sundance Film Festival held in Utah.


Samsung’s Gear VR has received quite positive reviews after its initial release in November as it is said to be a lot more than Google’s VR cardboard project. The Samsung Gear VR won’t just get you immersed with audio and video but it’s so effective that it will make you feel like you’re really there. And now with Samsung coming up with a studio to illustrate a more elaborated experience, VR will soon be a rage.

However, Mark Mathieu, Samsung’s marketing officer has said that the studio will be constructed within the company’s official premises where the marketing team will be to explain VR to the whole world. Samsung is also preparing to take 2016 head on with its Virtual Reality innovations as has also announced the partnership with Sundance Institute for a whole year.


“At Samsung we love stories,” said Mark Mathieu while addressing a small crowd at Samsung’s pop-up Sundance showcase, to which he further added, “And we love to help people tell stories.”

The Sundance Film Festival held with the theme Virtual Reality was horded by the enthusiasts who formed long queues to try the Gear VR headset. However, one major setback to this upcoming technology could be the minimal content available as of now for the viewers because people will want more content to view in Virtual Reality. Where organizations like Facebook, Google, HTC and Sony are set to release their first commercial VR products, they will also have to initiate production of quality content for the Virtual world to become a reality indeed.




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