Samsung’s Milk VR lets you Watch VR content without a Headset

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Still haven’t bought a VR headset but dying to experience VR? Well, fortunately your prayers have been answered! Samsung the astounding tech giant has done it once again with its latest VR app named Milk that promises to let you view content in Virtual Reality without needing a bulky headset tied to your head. With this brilliant reform Samsung has made available the sweet VR content available on your phone keeping the headset optional.

However, the absence of a magnificent device such as a Virtual Reality headset is bound to make a difference in the experience. In this case, that is viewing 360 degree content without a headset strapped to your head, all you can do is keep your phone steady in front your eyes and spin it for a 360 degree view. The experience is surely not as immersive as you would hope or imagine but yes it is surely something different from the ordinary. The app may not require a VR headset essentially but is still bound to the Samsung hardware as it is currently only available for Samsung devices such as Galaxy S6, S7, S6 Edge, S7 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note5 etc.

The videos may be 360 degree however they are not as effective in case of interactive videos which require VR touch pads for manipulation and object handling. Nonetheless, it is a step further to promoting VR content for those who are still far from buying their VR headsets or have been waiting for theirs to arrive.




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