Samsung’s New Gear VR Headset For Galaxy Note 7 Hands On Review

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Samsung very proudly revealed its very new Gear VR Headset accompanying the much awaited release of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at the recent press conference held in New York. We tried the new Gear VR and we have the results and reviews served to your on a platter if you’re planning head to invest in the “black VR beauty.”

Samsung’s new Gear VR’s updated features were not bragged about in the press conference which was mostly because they were modest however a few of the rumors about the upgraded model have been true so far such as the FOV has been shifted from a 96 degree angle coverage to a 101 degree.

Even the hardware of the device has seen a slight shift in the design to be able to accommodate the latest wide screen Smartphones such as the complimenting new beast of a Smartphone- Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7. The newly released phone graciously retains the same 2560 x 1440p resolution like the all previous major Galaxy flagship phones. Thus, Samsung has also retained and ensured the compatibility of the device to the previous models that were supported by the former VR Headset version of Gear VR.

The refined Gear VR definitely stands out to be more comfortable compared to its predecessor especially with the new Button layout integrated into the Headset body. The Back button option is a welcome change as one can easily return to the Home Screen without having to scroll through additional options from the pop-up menu.

All in all the new Samsung Gear VR does not have much to offer in terms of difference in the usability thus, we can claim to conclude that the learning curve remains small for now. However, considering those who had not yet bought a VR device, it is a great time and a brilliant gizmo to invest in being lightweight yet a solid VR headset at one of the best price a brand so big can offer at an initial stage of an ongoing trend such as Virtual Reality.





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