Samsung’s Third Virtual Reality Headset For Its Galaxy Series

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Samsung has very recently released its third VR headset for its Galaxy phone series whereas Oculus and HTC have now been shipping more powerful systems that are to be connected to the high-end personal computers. Even Sony is also soon coming up with a gaming console for its PlayStation. But, there are still many people out there who haven’t experience Virtual Reality in their real life.

Tom Harding who is the U.S. director of immersive products and virtual reality in Samsung has assured the customers and VR enthusiasts that they will be improving interactions and comfort inside the Virtual Reality.  He also says that the arrival of new high-end PC and Virtual Reality has grown awareness as it excites the developers to invest in the future time and projects and also gives them pump so that they could develop some premium titles too. If we talk about the competition from other headsets then, we would say that the market is pretty welcoming multiple types of Virtual Reality experiences and anything that Samsung or Facebook will do to expand the market is always positive for the Virtual Reality. Well, coming back to the headset, well, developers are working out the best possible way to interact in virtual reality. The latest headset does have a new type of USB connector and has opened many new possibilities like new ways of interaction as everyone is experimenting.

This time the Samsung has tried to improve the experience based on the consumer’s feedback like comfortable padding inside the headset or giving a wider field of view or giving even all black inside the headset. If we talk about the strengths of the device then, Gear VR is not leveraging an already existing sensor on the phone. In fact, the sensor on Gear VR is a sensor just for checking purpose, if your headset is positioned correctly on your head or not. The screen can now keep up well with your head movements and the company has promised that this interaction will be ultra smooth for the users.

The company has improved the new Virtual Reality headset from its older version of Gear VR. The company has now come a long way to give the people a taste of Virtual Reality as they understand that nothing is better than experiencing Virtual Reality for the very first time.




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