Significance of Positive Reviews and Ratings in App Marketing

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The App industry is getting more and more crowded by the passing day. There are already 1.2-1.3 million apps in Apple Play Store and Google Play Store respectively which makes app discover ability a highly rare and difficult phenomenon. The two important factors that play a crucial role in determining the value and strength of your application are the reviews and ratings that trigger the discover ability and app installs.

App store ratings serve to be a crucial aspect in driving the ranking, downloads or installs, updates and in-app purchases of the app in app stores (App Store Optimization) as Ratings and reviews can be considered as the essential metadata which also helps to categorize the app in searches.

Along with ratings, reviews also matter a lot and are often clubbed together to convert metric data into successful results. Also, reviews basically add credibility to the provided ratings which is why the association is not only meaningful but also effective.

Reviews have an impact full presence considering the aspect from a downloader’s perspective thus, for a potential user positive reviews will help your app stand out from the direct competitors over a comparison.

Lastly, ratings and reviews also serve to be a platform for feedback from the users which helps you know where you lack and what has successfully grabbed the user’s attention and how you can improve it for a better user experience in the future.




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