Sisters VR Game Review: Takes horror to the next level

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With Virtual Reality making its presence in the tech world once again, viewers were surer of what to expect this time around. Virtual Reality made a comeback being more sophisticated and addressable for the viewers and thus this time there’s no turning back. Also with the improved immersive experience VR can take gaming and other applications to the next level just like it has taken the genre Horror to the next level with brilliant games such as Otherworld’s Sisters.

The game or we can say a complete horror experience named Sisters is produced by otherworld and delivers a hair raising horrific experience in a short demo. The game unlike others such as The Climb is available for Google Cardboard and never fails to thrill you.

The demo of the game starts with the player sitting in a couch in front of a television screen in a dingy house. The room looks exactly like a haunted mansion with all the elements placed just right. There’s a fireplace to the right along with the television which comes to life with a news presenter announcing a stormy night ahead. Now this is where things start to turn a whole lot creepy. The sound effects are unbelievably effective delivering noises of little girls which get disturbing in a while.

The players in the room are faced with a sinister curiosity to look back which will trigger a complete different set of events. Also, most of the elements and events are prompted by looking at specific things around the room. The end of the demo takes everything to a new height bringing the curtains down with an implausible yet jump scary end. The terrifying finale is delivered by the grim
Sisters after a ghost makes a scream worthy appearance.

The demo is painfully short but the whole game will surely be an amazingly horrific experience to behold and players will still be left wanting and gasping for more.




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