‘Smooth’ Star Rob Thomas To Make VR Less Antisocial Under The Holographic Fabric

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Many musicians and singers are experimenting with Virtual Reality, being introduced in their music albums and opened a new path for the musicians and encouraged them to look in this manner. And now Rob Thomas is also focusing on his new VR immersive project by creating a holographic avatar of yourself and your favorite artist which can be projected into crucial and small public stage. Holographic karaoke with the 1999’s track “Smooth” will be the first step towards society-friendly VR. Virtual Reality actually makes everything social as it allows you to interact with the real life in reel life. It enhances the experience of the everyday life.

Keeping this thing in mind, Rob Thomas has specifically designed his new project in which you can now have an immersive experience of ‘An Evening supernatural Tour’ in which you can sing “Smooth” alongside Rob Thomas on stage that too from the comfort of your home. The sad reality is you will be solitarily reaping your own seeds.

His company VNTANA has totally banked up this entire idea of immersive VR platform for his tour that will allow his fans to enjoy VR in public. Well, they are also considering the social augmented reality where they are planning to put the digital into the actual physical world without any headsets. VNTANA creates interface which allows you and your friends to have it by creating holographs and can compliment by saying ‘That was Awesome’. It becomes more of a fun game, more interactive. VR behaves as a society’s response to the life’s sentiment and AR is trying to make it real.  Bjork made it possible for all the musicians and actually turned the tables around.




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