Sonar VR Review: A Mesmerizing Journey Into The Depths Of An Abyss

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Sonar VR is magnificent immersive short film which somewhat bleakly reminds of Matthew McConaughey starrer Interstellar taking you down into a subterranean 360 3D thriller on Samsung Gear VR.

Sonar VR created by Philipp Maas and Dominik Stockhausen, is journey into the depths of a large asteroidal Abyss through an extensive cave system hidden since the ancient time. The movie begins with the viewer walking through a narrow corridor towards the cockpit of a spacecraft from the windows of which you can view a massive sunlit asteroid.

The experience is dominated in the feel by an epic score created by Alexander Maas which gives the experience a feel of realism and professionalism. As you adjust to your surroundings the movie takes you down with another effort at inflicting realism through camera transitions while the viewer moves closer to the surface of the Asteroid which is riddled with twisted rock formations making it look alienated under the inky dark space.

Slowly, the craft enter the mouth of the cavern descending and drifting down the abyss as the environment is free from the earthly forces such as gravity and atmosphere occasionally allowing a view too detailed of the mysterious muddled passage.

All along the journey towards the source of light gives the viewer a chance to view the mesmerizing cave while the occasional third person angles depict the size of the ship highlighting the scale of the relative objects. However, the experience also gives you a taste of thrill and fear looking at the giant cavernous columns resembling the gothic cathedrals alongside the weird music variations implying danger.

After reaching the top the ship rests on the ledge at the cliff from where a rover is sent into the dark to investigate the surroundings further which is connected to the ship via a cable. Suddenly as the rover disappears into the dark the cable gets taut hauling the ship deeper into the dark dragging it over the cliff and breaking the window in the course.

The experience ahead remains a mystery and can be experienced at Samsung Gear VR surely giving you the chills and taking you into the unfamiliarity of a strange new world.





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