Sony Now Plans to Include Virtual Reality into its movie business

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Everyone has finally joined the race to think out of box for Virtual Reality. Sony with its movie corporation Sony Pictures Entertainment is going to play a new role in the realm of Virtual Reality by creating a virtual reality content for Company’s Motion Picture Group. Because of this incorporation in its movie business, the role of many officials will tend to get changed. Jake Zim was previously the vice president of digital marketing group, will now become as the senior vice president of Virtual Reality. This was announced in this week only. He was earlier also included in the promotion of a VR movie I.e. Ghostbusters.

Sony is in such a position of a craftsman that it is ready to give shape to their new pottery. Tom Rothman is the chairman of Sony Pictures Group, said that Sony is now being able to shape Entrainment, gaming and technology with its VR assets. Sony has made complete sense in developing VR video games and movies as they do want to popularize their upcoming VR headset named PlayStation 4 console, which will be out in October with a $399 price tag.  It is moving ahead of Facebook owned Oculus rift and HTC Vive as they lack content for their VR headsets and Sony is creating a lot for their headsets console.

IMAX is also opening its VR hubs in several US cities, allowing the consumers to have an immersive VR experience. This comes with a certain price tag, $7to $10 for just 10 minutes per visit. IMAX and SONY are taking extreme steps in other fields for the consumers and VR enthusiasts.




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