Starbreeze Got Hold of Nozon for $7.7 Million for VR Film

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Starbreeze has got their hands on visual effects (VFX) studio named as ‘Nozon’ for ~$7.7M. It is a Belgium-based company which is well known for bringing the pixer level quality Virtual Reality immersive film. PresenZ which was introduced by Nelson in 2015, which is specially created for Virtual Reality that allows for ‘interactive parallax’ in Virtual Reality movies.

By pre-rendering it is possible to create larger viewing areas. Late last year Nozon also demonstrated a room-scale space which was rendered with their technology. Nozon is serving as the CEO of Tristan Salome told that creating computer generated Virtual Reality film and that too with PresenZ will be of the same standard quality that of a 3D movie or VFX movie.

Starbreeze has been striking up for the partnerships left and right, and most notably their partnership with IMAX in order to create a series of out-of-home centers and that too for high-end Virtual Reality with the StarVR headset, which provides a 210 degree field of view headset exclusively designed by Starbreeze. Presenz makes a premium Virtual Reality experience which is less expensive so as to make and to run and by the time headset manufacturers like Oculus who are trying their best so as to lower the barrier of the entry with less expensive GPUs and also better rendering tech.




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