Take a sneak Peek into Go Pro’s VR Camera Rig

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Go pro the popular action camera makers unveiled a super VR camera rig called the Omni, announced at the CES 2016. The Omni is basically a hollowed out cube with six Hero4 back cameras on each side.

The cameras when integrated together into a rig simultaneously record and create a 360 degree video. The purpose of the Omni is to provide the consumers with a budget-friendly VR camera for creating their own VR content.

Although, the company has not yet announced the price quote for the Rig, however the installation of six Hero4 cameras housed in a single gadget alone shall cost you a hefty $2,500 aside from the original hardware that is used to stitch together the cameras with high resolution pixels for 360-degree video.

GoPro’s attempt at VR is sure to draw filmmakers and the professional makers of VR content, however GoPro has already taken a shot at VR with its professional VR rig called the Odyssey which costs around $1,500 and comes with 16 Hero4 black cameras and additional set of accessories.

GoPro has promised to bring its latest VR rig to NAB, a major trade show for video producers and the like which could mean that GoPro Omni could go into manufacturing for the consumers. This could be a high point for GoPro as there are already many cameras under the price tag of $1,000 especially made for the consumers but sadly their image and video quality is generally low in resolution which is why GoPro could prove to be a winner in the game.




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