Talk Up, Close and Personal with Sennheiser’s VR Microphone

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AMBEO VR is a microphone that has been developed by Sennheiser in order to record virtual reality sound capturing and the good news is that, it is all set to enter into the Market for sale. The mic has been revealed during the CES event before the final launch in Las Vegas. This gadget is perfect to shoot 360 videos. The creation of this superb gadget is Sennheiser, which is an American company. The Company has already made their mark in audio devices as the Company is basically known for its high quality Microphones and Headphones.
The cost of AMBEO VR is having a hefty price tag of over $1700 US. You must be wondering that all is included in such a hefty price tag? Well, the price tag includes the AMBEO VR microphone along with a few XLR well-adjusted cables and Rycote suspension mounts Foam windshield. It also offers the access to the company’s encoder of proprietary A-B format. With this gadget, the Company has taken its first step in the brimming river- Virtual Reality. The Company claims that this newly designed and developed microphone supports 3D sound system along with low self-noise and it is indeed transparent. The microphone is very easy to carry anywhere as the dimensions of the device are 215 x 49/25 mm and weighs just 400 grams and also has a frequency of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
With the help of this microphone, it gives freedom to everyone to change the format of the file. The user can easily change the format from A to B where as Oculus Cinema & Samsung Gear supports the B format according to the needs.




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