The Assembly VR Game Review: The Best Reality Game

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This amazing VR game has been designed by nDreams the game maker which had previously created a completely awesome game called Xi for Sony PlayStation3 has now released a remarkable new game for VR called The Assembly after creating waves by its SkyDIEving demo for Oculus Rift.

The game Assembly has been made available on platforms Oculus Rift and Sony’s PlayStation VR. The game relives the passion of nDreams which is puzzles as a proclivity for the virtual reality. The Assembly is an adventure and exploration based game which is centered on a less humanly cult of scientists and their forbidden experiments in a secret lab deep beneath the earth in the middle of a dry desert.

Once the game starts, players experience narration from two different perspectives. One among those is that of Madeline, who is a budding young scientist selected by the Assembly to be called out on the base to undergo a few experiments before the initiation. As an example of experimentation, the player wakes up in a room to warnings of deadly toxic leak. After looking around the room for an exit the player needs to pick up a glass and fill it up with water from a sink and splash the water on an exposed light socket to short circuit the locked door.

The other central character is Joel who seems to be an experienced member of the Assembly but has started to question the ways, methods and motives of this fraternity. The game features a lot of other curious stuff which involves more of puzzles and looking around with dangers hidden around the corners which can surely make the few hours in VR worth the while.




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