The Lab for Valve VR is the highest Rated Game on Steam

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There are more than 9,000 games on Steam among which Valve’s VR title “The Lab” is moving on to become the highest rated Virtual Reality game. The Lab is essentially a VR-only title offering the players eight mutually exclusive short room scale experiences resulting in the game becoming a favorite as the starting point to introduce VR to family and friends.

The Lab has already successfully beaten out Valve’s classic games such as Portal (2007) and Portal 2 (2011) topping the list of most highly rated games titles in VR on all of Steam. This is known and can be proven from the fact that almost 99% of the 700 reviews for the game have been exceptionally positive with an overwhelming response from the users.

The game in no time joined Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes among Steam’s best top rated games next to Raw Data which topped the list last week as an exclusive VR title.

One of the major reasons that could be used to argue on The Lab’s appearance among the top rated VR games for Valve is the fact that it is available for free which lets maximum users to play and experience what the game has to offer which further draws in maximum number of reviews and ratings from the users.

Valve revealed that it is continually working on its first-party VR content however, they have been rather tight lipped to reveal what can we expect from them next given the large variety of games available currently on Steam’s Early access to viewers all over. It remains to wonder whether users can expect to see those games in full versions on the platform any time sooner than the very beginning of the next year.

Valve along with Steam VR is working to promote quality VR content and encourage aspiring content creators to bring something new and valuable to the table.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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