The ‘Orah 4i’ a brand new 4k Live Streaming 360 Camera for VR

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The VideoStitch Company yesterday announced the launch of ‘Orah 4i’. It is a brand new 4K live streaming 360 camera for live streaming in Virtual Reality. This camera is as very advanced as it allows all in one 4K live streaming and can automatically stitch and can transmit the videos live to the VR headsets and other Virtual Reality platforms. With this camera, VideoStitch has now officially entered the club of the devices with all-in-one 360 video solutions that believes in offering the in-line stitching which is captured for the amazing video content.

If we talk about the specifications of the Orah 4i camera then you will be surprised to know that, it is offering 4096×2048 H.264 High Profile (4K), 30 fps, 4 ¬Channel Ambisonic @ B¬Format and 100% anodized precipitation¬-hardened aluminum housing. The measurement of the device is 80 x 70 x 65 mm 480g or 3.1 x 2.7 x 2.5 inches 17 oz. It also comes along with Orah 4i stitching box. Stitching box has Intel CPU and Nvidia GeForce GPU and has storage of 120 GB. It has many ports inclusive of one mic Port also.

The stitching box, which comes along with the camera can either be wired up to 350 ft through the Ethernet cable or can be hung directly on the tripod. Nicholas Burtey who is the CEO and the founder of the company says that all the all Orah 4i cameras will come along with the stitching box.  The combination is all set and can be pre-ordered now for $3,595. Orah also announced that they’ve already begun delivering the hardware to the customers. There are many cameras that stitch the videos in real time. Let us see, if the Orah will make their space in the field.




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