‘The Simpsons’ Celebrates Its 600th Episode with ‘VR’

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Everyone is not persuaded by the fact that VR is the future.  The Simpsons, decided to hop onto the VR train for their series, which completed its 600th episode and the show decided to offer the opening of the couch scene in the immersive and illusionists Virtual Reality by using Google Cardboard. The resultant was incredibly and surprisingly amazing.

They titled the immersive series as the “Planet of the Couches,” which is inspired by the classic fiction film named as, Planet of the Apes.  Planet of the Couches is a short experience in which couches and not apes are in control. The Simpsons go through a lot in terms of a ‘plot’, but the real treat begins when you put your Virtual Reality Headset and enjoy the VR features.

The series is just not in some simple panoramic view instead the Virtual Reality video is responding to the fact that you are gazing wherever you want to in the Illusionistic world.   So when you discover tiny details, like Comic Book Guy rating the VR experience in real time, or the appearance of a couple of familiar aliens in the sky, it’s like the characters are waiting for you to look their way.

Don’t be frown if you don’t have a Google Cardboard device because the good news is that  you can still be able to watch the VR experience on a normal screen by downloading the Cardboard app from the store on smart phone.  The Simpsons is a great indication; there will be more of these Virtual Reality shorts that will be invading our television landscape soon!





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