Therapeutic Virtual Reality Helps Mobility Impaired Kids

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Ever imagined how it would be like lying in a hospital room, totally enclosed inside 4 walls with no mobility in your bed because of the IVs as they are switch very often. Are you feeling suffocated now just by imagining it? Now think of those kids who are stuck in a hospital with no escape. Well, VR Kids came to their rescue. It is an organization who is dedicated team, which is bringing their therapeutic Virtual Reality to the mobility impaired and hospital bound kids. They are taking those kids on a trip which otherwise they won’t be able to go because of many medical reasons and conditions.

When children put their headset on, everything changed in an instant and the hard enclosed environment seems to disappear. They felt like they were somewhere else. The kids were finally able to see the smiles on other kids who may have not smiled in a couple of days since they are admitted in a hospital. Jacquir MaCloud who is a child life specialist at Summerlin Hospital in Las Vegas along with other staff witnessed this beautiful and adorable scene. In this session, the kids were taken on a journey to a lake where they witness a spectacular show in the sky. After a few minutes they were flying on the magic carpet with Aladdin, all this happened without even leaving the hospital. The organization says they built this world for the kids so as to provide them an immersive experience in which they are exploring and meeting a new person which is more interesting medium than watching a movie or reading book for entertainment.

The Hospital told the agencies that many volunteers from VR kids’ organization bring this technology to children at Summerlin Hospital. VR kids hope that one day all the hospitals in the region of Las Vegas will have VR for children. This is not the first time that VR has done something in the field of medical. It is not the first time, we are discussing about VR in medical stream, but previously also VR has done a lot, has been used to make a difference in surgeries and also to cure phobias.




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