This VR Application lets you Produce Music in a Studio for just Ten Bucks

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For Musicians working independently from a garage turned into a studio, this news is all you want to hear right now. What if you wouldn’t have to buy expensive Studio equipments to compose and record music? Yes! That can happen with this recent application released on HTC Vive named Soundstage which is a dream come true for Musicians who no longer will have to rent out studios or buy super expensive equipments for bringing out their best creative self.

With a program like Soundstage, a product of Logan Olson, there is no need to place a modulator or a synth in front of you for creating rich music with a virtual set of drums and endless loadable Synths for parameters and effects just like recording in a studio.

The HTC Vive compatible App possesses everything from various effects to a completely professional and diverse toolset within a room-scale space to help you express yourself through music. The application as claimed by the Company has been inspired by the 80’s era presenting with a virtual interface from the same time. The application is currently available for trials and ratings exclusively on HTC Vive set to be released as an Early Access application for a nominal price of $9.99. The application has already come to be called as Virtual Reality’s Sandbox and is also said to be highly suitable for professional DJs who would like to rock it out with a virtual set of drums.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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