Titles In The Oculus Store Will Be Passed via The IARC Rating Process

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As the Virtual Reality technology is evolving very fast. The games, applications, videos, Movies are being developed at a very fast pace. Recently, The Oculus team has announced that their very own Oculus Store has deployed IARC, short for International Age Rating Coalition, a Rating process. It will be effective for all the new titles. It is mandatory for all the existing titles also as they have to apply for an IARC rating by march 1st, 2017. From this date, Every new and existing title in the Oculus Store will be assigned through the rating process. IARC is a globally recognized age classification process for all the digital games and also for the Mobile games.

The Oculus Store has also announced their list of the participating Storefronts which are Google Play, Nintendo eShop and even the Windows Store. IARC ratings have already been deployed by the Google Daydream VR and Microsoft Hololens AR applications. Applying for age and content rating can be a hectic process, but once the storefront starts participating with the IARC, the process is actually much simpler.

Now, Little bit about, IARC rating system. It was launched in 2014 in order to simplify the process for all the developers who don’t wish to answer the complex set of questions. It is an element that helps the consumers by providing the regular and consistent set of ratings that actually reflect their own cultural norms regarding the age-appropriateness and also regarding the Content. President of ESRB (a well known U.S. organization that administrates the game ratings), Patricia Vance, who also happens to be the chairperson of IARC praised Oculus for installing the IARC rating system so as to provide ratings at no cost and even without any delay. This will help the consumers to download the relevant content and a trustworthy guidance from the Oculus Store.





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