Top 5 Free VR Apps For Both iOS And Android Platform

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Virtual Reality technology can be compared to the Big Bang Theory of Science. Both have started with a big Bang in their respective fields. The Universe and the world of Virtual Reality is continuously growing bigger and bigger. If it is getting bigger so we need some apps and gadgets to measure its vastness. There are lots and lots of companies which are making headlines by investing the huge amount of money in making applications and gadgets for the VR enthusiasts to have a VR immersed experience and also by contributing their share in expanding the world of VR.

There is a list of latest VR applications both for iPhone and Android is given below which you can download them at Free of cost.

First in our list is YOUTUBE. It has now been launched for iOS platform which was earlier absent from its update. The user can watch Videos in 360 degree view in virtual Reality. YouTube has a great library of videos in which user can have access to any video of any genre of your choice.

Second in our list is GOOGLE CARDBOARD. It gives you a Virtual Reality immersed experience at the minimal cost. It basically leans on the affordable shell cover and specially designed lenses. It uses your mobile gyroscope and accelerometer and let you watch the Virtual Reality immersed videos.

Third in our list is Orbulus. It offers the largest library of the tourist attractions. It gives a great opportunity to the people who cannot travel to most exotic places. It let you experience those exotics or natural locations first hand and even to the places where normal people can’t visit.

Fourth in our list is Jaunt VR. It offers a huge library of short films entertainment and also provides you to have an opportunity to view LIVE from concerts to the latest news be it in Syria or Australia.

Fifth in our list is RYOT VR. The Huffington Post has taken over the production company. It offers you to view documentaries being made in every corner of the world of various serious issues like Riots, Refugees, natural calamities and so on.

The above mentioned list is very carefully crafted for the VR enthusiasts either using iOS or Android platform.





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