Top Marketing Analytics Tools every Marketer must know of

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One of the most important aspects of business and growth is monitoring the work done to accurately determine the progress being made. However, it is easier said than done as in most cases monitoring is the facet that is hardest to quantify and track. And while more and more marketers were facing this trouble, new aiding analytics tools found their way in justifying the statement “Necessity is the mother of invention”.

Here we have put together the top marketing analytics tools that can aid today’s marketers to not only track and monitor development but also to enumerate efforts for the cash flow.

Mixpanel: Mixpanel is a tool that helps you to track and measure the effectiveness of your website in terms of ROI and functionalities. The marketing analysis must as well start at the beginning and therefore a tool like Mixpanel helps you discover a proper marketing operation. Mixpanel also tracks the cumulative user behavior on the website.

Kapost: Kapost is a technology that works with content management and marketing by tying the revenue generated to individual pieces of content. It enhances the process of marketing automation and CRM data to track the successful tweets or posts that generated revenue. This is measured by Content Scoring which focuses on singular marketing deliverables.

Marketing Evolution: This tool helps the marketers to create effective ROI plans while leveraging the big data which develops numbers that show whether it’s the business that will fly or that which might choke.

Lattice: Lattice is a smart and futuristic technology that enables the marketers to predict conversion rates which makes it arguably the most powerful marketer tool for predictive modeling. This predictive analysis helps marketers to more concretely assess the needed steps to increase the revenue potential.




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