Twitter Is Getting Its Feet In The Brimming River Of Virtual Reality

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According to a news report Twitter, a famous social media network now plans to add a 360-degree video integration along with 360-degree live streaming into its line of products in the coming few months. Twitter is also building an augmented reality/virtual reality within the company so as to develop the next generation of their live product experiences.

Twitter has already taken a major step into live streaming video this year that too by partnering with the NFL short for National Football League. The immersive technology could make the platform more attractive for viewing like football game. The news report also says that a number of deals have been struck by Twitter with the companies that promote 360 degree content on their platform.

Twitter is pushing their company into virtual reality and augmented reality which do differs drastically from Facebook Inc. Mark Zuckerberg, has already stressed that he sees the Virtual Reality platform as a social platform. The company unveiled its recent Oculus conference and proved its efforts in VR and AR industry to make it more affordable for the masses.

Twitter is now positioning itself as the “second screen” for all the live experiences. It is also planning to harness its live streaming of their tweets by super imposing them into the form of conversations, which will be against the event itself. The social media network’s abuse problem might be getting into the way of twitter’s plans.




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